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the branding solution you've been ready for.

we help high 6-7 fig+ DTC brands break through The Mom & Pop Effect™️ & help budding brands avoid it completely !

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we are an award-winning, black +woman-owned branding studio, we specialize in assisting purpose-driven, high 6 and 7 figure dtc brands navigating what we’ve coined as the "mom and pop effect." we recognize the challenges faced by small businesses making a big splash on social media and online communities, reshaping the retail landscape, and striving to become true national brand powerhouses.


diamond spikes.

diamond spikes is a creative entrepreneur and brand strategist. she believes that branding at its core is rooted in authenticity and mirrors how we develop, maintain, and deepen relationships with one another as human beings. she has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, growing multiple multi-six-figure brands.

ceo + creative director.

There are almost no words to describe my experience with ds creative (design) studio and having the golden opportunity to work with Diamond to brand my app. I remember having 1 conversation with her about my vision, how I wanted our users to feel and ultimately, our mission. She returned with not only pretty images, but she gave us an IDENTITY. She created a high level brand strategy that pointed out our space in our market alongside of competitors. She shared deep insights about what our differentiator was and went as far as developing a story surrounding the thoughts, feelings & lifestyle of our perfect customer. That helped us out a lot when it came to feature creation and our marketing in ways that I'm sure we still can't comprehend...

jasmine p green, Inner Millionaire

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our passion and superpower lies in utilizing empathy, authenticity, and strategy to transform your brand and forge a deeper connection with your tribe. our proprietary EMPATHIC branding process focuses on three key areas—brand evaluation, expression, and execution—providing a comprehensive and tailored approach ensuring your brand thrives in the digital age, evolving your brand identity and image while maintaining its unique identity and cherished values.

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