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Powerhouse Branding: Breaking through the 'Mom and Pop Effect™

Powerhouse Branding: Breaking through the 'Mom and Pop Effect™


You’re ready to take your brand to the next level so LETS GO. Our "Powerhouse Branding: Breaking through the 'Mom and Pop Effect™’ Ceiling to become a true disruptor" is to help you discover how to fine-tune your branding, develop actionable strategies, and create a robust plan for Q3 and Q4 that will position you as a true disruptor in your industry.

During this interactive and engaging workshop, you'll dive deep into your current branding, identify areas for growth, and craft a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience.


We'll guide you through the process of developing and implementing data-driven strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of Q3 and Q4. Plus, as a bonus, we'll share targeted advice for those considering retail expansion.

  1. Introduction: The "Mom and Pop Effect™" and its impact on DTC brands
  2. Assessing your current position
  3. Creating a disruptive brand identity
  4. Crafting a compelling brand story
  5. Identifying areas for improvement and growth
  6. Q3 and Q4 strategy development
  7. Implementation and execution
  8. Monitoring and adjusting
  9. BONUS: Tips for retail expansion
  10. Q&A and networking
  11. Closing remarks
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