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Unlocking Authenticity and Inclusivity: Your Guide to Juneteenth and Pride Month Marketing

Hey ya'll! It's been a while, but we're back with blog posts ! Brace yourselves because we’re about to unlock the secrets to marketing done right in the colorful seasons of Juneteenth and Pride Month. #letsgo

Unpacking the History: Juneteenth and Pride Month: For starters, Juneteenth and Pride Month aren't just dates we tick off on a calendar, mkay? They're rich with history and brimming with stories of strength and perseverance. So before we jazz up our marketing strategies, let’s take a moment to understand why we celebrate Juneteenth and Pride Month.

Juneteenth, celebrated on the 19th of June, commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the US. On this day in 1865, slaves in Texas finally received the news of their freedom, a full two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Today, Juneteenth stands as a powerful reminder of the struggle for freedom and the ongoing fight against racial injustice.

On the other hand, Pride Month, celebrated in June, pays tribute to the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969 in New York City, which marked a turning point in the fight for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. Pride Month is a celebration of love, acceptance, and the hard-won rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Understanding these histories is the first step towards meaningful marketing. So, let’s honor these celebrations in the most authentic way possible. After all, the first step to meaningful marketing is understanding what we're celebrating, right?

The Power of Authentic Engagement: You've heard it a million times, but let's say it again: Authenticity is key. Now, I don't mean the "copy-paste a generic message" kind of authenticity. I'm talking about the real deal...understanding, internalizing, and then reflecting.

Take a scoop of wisdom from Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, who gave us the delectable 'Justice ReMix'd' flavor. This isn't just a delight to your taste buds, but a masterstroke in aligning a brand with a cause...racial justice. It resonates because it's more than just lip service, it's a genuine commitment to change. And this is why everyone loves the brand. It has become apart of their brand promise and what people expect from Ben & Jerry's, very loud, put your money where your mouth is support.

Inclusive Marketing: The Golden Ticket to Deeper Connection: If you think inclusivity is just a buzzword, (which I hope in 2023 you DO NOT) it’s time to pop that bubble. Inclusivity is not just the secret sauce to your marketing strategy, it's a mandatory ingredient. Remember, your audience is literally as diverse as a box of crayons, and every color adds its unique touch.

Nike, in all its swoosh glory, gave us the perfect example with the 'Be True' collection. They not only embraced diversity but also celebrated it, making every wearer feel seen, heard, and most importantly, valued. Now, that’s a slam dunk in inclusivity!

Uplifting Minority-Owned Businesses: A Win-Win Situation: We all love a good partnership, don't we? But what if I told you, partnering up this Juneteenth and Pride Month could be your golden ticket to fostering community engagement and skyrocketing your growth?

Take Sephora's 'Accelerate' program - it’s a vision of beauty that's more than skin deep. By launching this initiative, they not only created a platform for female, Black, and LGBTQ+ founders but also added a touch of authenticity and inclusivity to their brand. If that's not a win-win, I don't know what is!

Let’s get real. Authenticity and inclusivity aren't just marketing strategies. They’re the cornerstones of any brand that wants to forge genuine, heartfelt connections with their audience. This Juneteenth and Pride Month, let’s pledge to keep these values at the heart of our marketing efforts.

Remember, we aren't just selling products, we're crafting stories, weaving connections, and making a difference. So let’s do it right, with a little sass and a whole lot of empathy!

If you'd like more tips go on over to my tiktok here. We’ve packed them with bite-sized wisdom that's as appetizing as it's informative. And if you're still hungry, join us for our webinar or download our guide for creating inclusive marketing campaigns.

Remember, darling, marketing isn’t just about getting seen. It’s about getting remembered. So go out there and make a splash that’s bold, authentic, and unapologetically you!

Was the blog post beneficial to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Toodles !


My name is Diamond Spikes. I'm lead brand strategist + creative director over here at DS Creative Design Studio, where we are an award winning black woman owned + led creative agency that partners with purpose driven dtc brands that are ready to scale to the next level. Let's chat!

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