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welcome to spacone.

a luxury all white, organic modern studio.

film + tv productions . content productions . intimate events

what clients say...
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designed + curated by diamond + shrodrick spikes

Diamond and Shrodrick Spikes are the quintessence of artistic fusion. As Creative Directors and designers, each boasts a rich and diverse tapestry of experience spanning over two decades in the creative industry. Their individual journeys, teeming with unique insights and cultivated skills, have intersected in the creation of a sanctuary for content creators. This luxurious, high-end space is a testament to their shared passion for experience design and their relentless exploration of artistic boundaries. Diamond, harnessing her perspective as a Black woman, and Shrodrick, channeling his discerning eye, have harmoniously crafted an environment that resonates deeply with their audience. They invite you into a realm where design and experience entwine, and where your brand narrative can ascend to unprecedented heights of engagement and connection

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